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Welcome to the Unofficial Maxim Motor Company website. This site was assembled so that I could share some of the information I've learned about the Maxim Motor Company. Maxim Motor Company used to design and assemble fire trucks that were shipped all over the world. As the quote above describes, the company took great pride in their work.
BOOKS -- Maxim Fire Apparatus
The second book highlighting the history of Maxim Fire Apparatus is now available. If you are interested in purchasing a book, both are available online through various retailers. Click on the "Books" tab for more details.
August 31, 1954 Hurricane Carol - Wareham, MA "The fireman used saltwater pumped from the street; and all who witnessed the gallant manner of these men in the performance of their duty, have something to remember. Shoulder high in water, pulling hose, climbing ladders and holding hose nozzles until the heat became so intense that a few jumped from the roof into the water on the street, a performance that rated the cover of a book..."
- Henning Newman, Board of Water Commisioners 1955-
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